IRBS 36.0H


  • Our ultrasonic humidifiers are controlled automatically.
    • We can set the RH to be 80% for example. When the humidity reaches 80%, our machine will stop working, when the humidity can not reach 80%, the humidifier will start to work automatically.
    • It can be controlled by timer. From 1-24 hours, when you set 12 hours of example. The machine will stop working after 12 hours.
  • Digital humidity controller can be randomly set from 1%-99%. Its control precision reaches ±5%
  • The fog diameter is 1-10pm.
  • It is easy to move with 4 universal castors.
  • It is a stainless steel body nice looking and long-time service life.
Catégorie: Étiquette:


Capacity 36L/Hour
Voltage 380V/50Hz
Power Input (W) 3600
Air Volume (m3/h) 850
Fog Outlet(mm/pc) 160/2
Work Temperature (0C) 0-40
N.W(Kg) 70
Machine Size (mm) 700*650*640
Use Area (m2) 600-700
Control Way Microcomputer Controlling