• Washable filters.
  • Auto-defrost. Solenoid valve or electrical heating to defrost for option.
  • Digital display. It could be controlled both by timer and humidity.
  • Daikin or Hitachi compressor: 3-minute delay to protect the compressor.
  • Drainage with tank or external hose.
  • Sensor fault indicator function.
  • Water pump is for option
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Dimension Dia. 44*50 mm
Working Voltage AC36V/ DC36V
Power 24W
Housing Material 304 Stainless Steel
Best Working Level 40 mm
Misting Height 80-90 mm
Working Temperature 0~50oC
Ceramic Disc 1.7MHz, dia 20 mm
Service Life 5000 Hours
Humidity Capacity 400 ml/hr
Net Weight 0.25kg
Warranty 1 Year