Centrifugal Humidifier

This model is energy-saving type humidifier, adopt the most advanced centrifugal atomizing technology, with big fogging capacity and long fogging distance. The fogging capacity can be adjusted, the fog is tiny and balanced. Can use cold or hot water in different seasons for cooling or warming. Very popular for adjusting the temperature in the area of cotton spinning, textile, silk, clothing, knit, chemical fibre, flowers, plants and so on, also can be used as cooling device or fan. We can design and customize special models for the customers.




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Voltage / Frequency 220V / 50Hz
Power(W) 650
Rotation Speed 2870/1460 r/min
Fogging Capacity 0-50 kg/h (adjustable)
Fogging Distance 12-1 m
Water Pressure 0.6 ~ 3 Kg/m3
Dimension 500x580x1600 (mm)
Weight 48Kg